We cannot guarantee that the colours on the photos exactly reproduce the colours of the jewellery
Jewelry locks, ear hooks, clasps etc. are made from 925 silver or nickel-free metals.




"Windows 2"

Processor (1986) set in copper.

Ceramic/silicon chip/gold-palladium wires. Leather wire with silver lock.

Size: 3,5 x 3,5 cm. Length: ca. 50 cm.


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Tantalum capacitors on silver nylon coated wire.

Lenght: ca. 40 cm.


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Folio condensers on steel wire.

Lenght: 45 cm.


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Ceramic condensators on a nylon-coated steel wire.

Length: ca. 30 cm


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Trafos on a nylon-coated steel wire.

Lenght: ca. 30 cm.


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"The Wedding Present"

Folio condensers on silver nylon coated wire.

Lenght: ca. 55 cm.


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